Winter will end….back to work…update 3.7.2023

I’ve been somewhat distracted for the last three months. Family matters have taken up much time and mental focus. These have crowded out most work on the book.

Nevertheless, important progress has been made. I am finally happy with my grasp of the finance sector and financialization processes.

Further, I have come up with some concrete stories to illustrate some of the abstract phenomena that fill much of the book. Stories to put meat on the bones of monopolization, the misapplication of markets, private equity, and more.

So, I am back to work on the writing and editing.

Update 12.8.2022 – Money, Finance, Financialization

I’m working on the last major revision. This is turning out to be more work than I had anticipated. Here are the topics:

  • Money – what is it and where does it come from?
  • Debt – private and public
  • Modern Monetary Theory – MMT
  • The Finance Sector – components and functions
  • Financialization
    • What is it?
    • Changes in the behavior of nonfinancial corporations
    • Intellectual Property, Patents, Copyrights
    • Unregulated Banks, Private Equity,……..
    • Mass Debt
    • Socializing Private Risk
    • Taxes, secrecy, hidden money

Update 11.15.2022

I’ve finalized the outline of the book. See the outline here >>>.

New topics kept popping up over the last month. Globalization, more sub-topics in financialization, anonymous capitalism, more clarity about the scope of precarity. Also sharpening up some of the charts and graphs to make them more legible.

Working to keep the word count to under 40,000 or 125 pages.

Target for publication now moved to January 2023.


After sharing a draft with a number of people over the summer I have received quite a few suggestions. Some touch on topics that need to be added or expanded. Work needs to be done to improve the visual quality of the graphs. Overall the suggestions lead to a better narrative structure. See the new outline. The total word count of the first draft was roughly 20,000 words. The final version will be about 30,000 words. Still a short book.

Now targeting completion and trial printing of a new draft by the end of 2022.